3 Amazing Fat Burning Cardio Workouts That Melt Away The Fat

To try and do fat burning cardio workouts all you absolutely need is anis pair of running sneakers. The majority of cardio-vascular exercises require little if any 3rd party equipment that will help you achieve your routine. Running, dancing, walking can all be performed without any equipment whats ever. Other Cardio would bestep, spinning, swimming, aerobics and many more.

Before doing any exercise you should warm up the body and also cool down afterwards. To start with just start moving and gently stretching. Starting out fast at the begging of exercises can cause injuries and also lead to being sore and getting cramps. Cool down is just the same; take it easy so your body is slowing down and then plenty of stretches afterwards.

1 – Running:

First you will need running shoes, try to find a pair that is comfortable. You can search online as there are many specialists that deal in running shoes that are designed to reduce shock to the ankles, feet, knees and other parts of the body. You may need to invest in a decent pair if you want to get the most from the workouts.

Before you start running for weight loss you need to warm up so start with a fast walk moving your arms vigorously and then after 5 mins start a slog jog. When running you should make sure you can hold a conversation but if you feel like your breathing is really struggling then you can slow down a little. If you’re a novice runner start slow and eventually you will be able to run for 15 mins and more.

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When running you should also try and run further or for a longer time, if you feel like some days your struggling then take a day off, but you should be ideally running 3-4 times per week. The cool down will be the most important part as it will help you recover faster and prevent muscles from soreness.

2 – Cycling:

Another great cardio vascular workout is cycling. If you are cycling on the road then make sure you stay safe and wear the correct equipment. You can ride your bike to work, to the shops, or to the local gym. The more you ride your bike the fitter you will get and even the dreaded 5 mile commute to work will become easier.

Exercise bikes are great pieces of equipment at home or in the gym and are quite cheap to buy.  Not only can you workout at home but you can also watch TV to help stop the boredom, again you need to make sure you warm-up slowly on the bike first before you start pumping those legs really fast.

There are also exercise bike classes know as (spinning is a great workout) these are done by an instructor that will push you to your limits while also making sure you are safe and have good posture. Riding a bike 3-4 times per week will have some great benefits for you which will improve your heart rate, your posture and help you to lose weight. Riding can also help relive stress and can be a fun workout.

3 – Swimming:

Swimming is a fantastic overall body workout that can help firm up and trim your body down. The water adds resistance and all your muscles need to work to power through the water. Swimming also has many benefits, its low impact on the joints, improves your cardiovascular system, its relieves stress, and many more.

If you want to really get fit then try and swim faster and for a longer distance, you can then get a great aerobic workout swimming 3-4 times per week. You may need a swim buddy that can help you and can help push you further.

So there you have it 3 fat burning cardio workouts you can do to lose weight and get fit.