My name is Paul, I’ve always been large, overweight, Fat!  There was a brief moment when I was about 14 where I lost an impressive amount of weight one summer. Needless to say that didn’t last!

I am still technically “overweight” now. But I am a long way  from the being classed as obese as I was a few years back.

In 2002 I weighed around 25 Stone (300 pounds). So heavy that I had to be weighed on two scales at the doctors. That is not an easy thing to admit but I hope to shows that if you are struggling with being overweight then I feel your pain.

When my son was born and things clicked into place and 9 years later I have successfully shed, and more importantly, kept off over 8 Stone  (112 pounds) 9 Stone (126 pounds) . I’m still on that journey and am approaching the top end of my BMI. Unlike other weight loss stories that show amazing results in less than a year, I’m a realist with work, family and other commitments filling up my life.

And that’s me above, before and after. Less weight and, yes, less hair, so I hope it shows that it can be done. With a little bit of work.

My life is invariably better since I’ve lost weight. I have more energy, more confidence and more choice in the clothes I buy.

I have no plans to go back to the way I was.


The point of this site is to offer insight into how I’ve achieved this, show you that weight loss is sometimes a marathon, not a sprint, but it can be done. And offer you support. I know how challenging this can be.

I’ll share with you the bumps I’ve hit and reassure that not only can weight be lost, it can be kept off.

I’ll be blogging as often as I can.


Well regular visits would be nice, a subscription to my e-mail or, if you have your own blog, a link to here.

But really the best thing for me is that you achieve the weight loss you want, just as I have and I will blog plenty of advice and guidance to help you.

You’re here, because like me, you are sick of being overweight and the restrictions it puts on you life. Your looking for answers. I know because I have (and still do) trawl the internet for advice and guidance.

But I’ll also be honest with you. If you’re an average Joe (or Jill) and don’t have access to personal trainers, nutritionists  or have money to spend unnecessary and expensive surgery weight loss can be hard.

But I hope I am proof it can be done and if you are serious then this blog will inspire you, help you and  guide you in someway. Before you start, please read the Disclaimer by following the link above.

I’d love to hear about your success.