Acai Diet For Beginners

Deep in the swamps of Central and South America grows the acai palm tree in plentiful groves. For centuries, the fruit of the tree has been an important component of the diet of the native peoples of those lands. It is a small, dark purple berry that looks very much like a grape, but has less pulp.

The berry itself is rather remarkable, providing a significant number of essential fatty acids, proteins, and carbohydrates in a single serving, making it one of the most unique fruits in the world. This is the reason why it easily provides the indigenous peoples who have eaten it for generations with sustainable nutrition.

Now, scientists have further increased the hype, touting the acai fruit as having remarkable antioxidant properties. Antioxidants have come into the spotlight in recent years. They defend the body against free radicals that attack tissues, helping to fight disease and the signs of aging.

It is strange, but for all the hype surrounding acai berries as a way to lose weight, it is difficult to find a site that actually details how to go about doing so. Rather, the consumer is encouraged to buy this supplement or the next, and there are plenty of free trial offers, the first sign that one should beware. As if to prove our point, when you type  acai berry diet into Google, there are far more sites reporting scams surrounding the diet and inferior products being sold for ridiculous prices than actual sites promoting the diet.

On a particular site claiming to explain how a lady lost a considerable amount of weight with the diet, we are told how the person in question simply tried a couple of acai berry pills, ate a huge dinner, and weeks later was able to lose over fifty pounds.

It seems that simply popping the supplements is the trick to the diet as it has evolved. While it is true that the acai berry is indeed a super food, there is no way that buying pricey supplements and not changing ones diet and exercise habits otherwise is going to promote weight loss, as is evidenced by the thousands of people online who are unhappy with their purchase.

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Even if you do decide to try replacing meals with the berries, acai fruit is not something that you can simply walk into the grocery store and purchase cheaply. It is extremely expensive, having been harvested all the way in South America and preserved for its trip to the US. Also, it can only be found in specialized stores. All in all, it can be very difficult to obtain a steady supply of acai fruit.

It also turns out that the antioxidant properties of acai fruit are roughly equivalent to black cherries or cranberries. Pomegranates, Concord grapes, and blueberries all are higher in antioxidants, and are mainstream fruits that can be obtained much more easily and cheaply. Similarly, essential fatty acids are found in walnuts and fish oil supplements. Carbohydrates and proteins are simple to obtain by other means. In other words, there are far cheaper and easier ways to get the benefits of acai berries.