Everything You Should Know About Cabbage Soup Diet

The diet is simple enough. Drink plenty of water, take a multivitamin, eat as much cabbage soup as you like, and finally, remember that you only have to subject yourself to this torture for seven days in order to lose a great deal of weight.

The cabbage soup itself consists of the following ingredients: onion, green pepper, tomato, carrot, mushroom, celery, cabbage, spice to taste, and Lipton tea (just what someone with decrease mental capabilities needs caffeine.)

  • Additionally, on day one of the diet, you may eat nothing but fruit.
  • One day two, non-starchy vegetables.
  • On day three, combine the two.
  • Four¬† eat only bananas and skim milk.
  • On day five, you may eat beef and tomatoes.
  • On day six, for variation, you may switch from tomatoes to vegetables.
  • Finally, on day seven, stuff, stuff, stuff yourself with fruit juice and vegetables.

Really and truly, the only pattern that is followed is that on any given day, most of the basic food groups are eliminated completely. As to why one must eat beef on day five and poultry, you would assume, would be detrimental to the diet, that question is completely up in the air.

This brings us back to the points that we have made before about every other fad diet. Weight loss of greater than one or two pounds per week makes unhealthy, unreasonable demands on our poor ill-treated bodies. Human beings were not meant to lose up to ten pounds in a single week, which is what the Cabbage Soup Diet advocates.

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The results of such unfettered weight loss are clearly indicated in the disclaimer, as are the results of following a program which makes no nutritional concessions whatsoever. The cabbage soups in itself does not provide any proteins, carbohydrates or essential fats. On any given day, the additional allowed foods only provide one or two. In fact, the body needs two weeks between rounds of this diet to recover sufficiently to begin again. This is far from sustainable weight loss.