I recognise that no person is an Island and there are plenty of resources out there to support you on your journey.

Log Calories and Weight Loss

  • My Fitness Pal
    My favourite website for logging daily calorie intake. Also calculates your daily intake based on  height, weight, age etc and stores your own recipes.  Easy to use and available of PC, ipad and smart phones. Best for UK users for picking up UK based food.
  • Calorie Count 
    Another brilliant website for logging calories, weight etc. Delivered by About.Com it feels more substantial than My Fitness Pal with inspiring articles and a great weight tracker (which I still use).  Loses out due to lack of UK items in calorie tracking.

Fitness Tracking

  • Map My Fitness
    Whether you walk, run or cycle Map my fitness is a great website and app. I used it originally for hiking but if you like you stats this is an ideal day to day app. It’s free with some premium options. An absolute must have.
  • Fitbit
    You’ll need to purchase a fitbit pedometer and although they aren’t cheap, they are incredibly useful.  If you really want to capture how much you are moving and the calories being burned. And its all captured so you can compare and contrast which days are better than others.  As a bonus you can sync your details with Map my Fitness and MyFitnessPal among over apps. Recommended.