What Is The Perfect Diet Plan To Lose Weight Naturally?

Most people tend to eat well and exercise religiously to lose their flab but it has been observed that many of them are unable to lose the last few pounds. Most professionals have highlighted that the weight loss information known to most people is incorrect which leads to a majority of people to opt for less vegetables depriving them of its nutrition.

The appropriate way to know about how to lose weight is to follow a smart and fulfilling method of eating regularly to boost energy and achieve the goal weight easily. It can be harmful to follow a bad diet that can lead to various side effects which can range from bad breath and frequent urination to fatigue and slowed metabolism.

Here is an insight into why one should not follow a bad diet.

Ways the Diet plan can go wrong

The Air Diet of the Institute for Psychoactive Research is such that it doesn’t affect the current diet plan and doesn’t need people to avoid any kind of foods. This diet plan focuses on breathing and asks people to practise rhythmic breathing. Rhythmical breathing focuses on the amount of air that goes inside a person’s body. This depicts that breathing more air can help in losing more weight. This is so simple to do that one can do it anywhere and at any time.

Low-Carbohydrate Diets

These diet plans were popularized by Dr. Robert Atkins in 1970s which were followed even in the 1990s. This is one of the great weight loss tips for which it is necessary to follow a low carbohydrate and high protein diet. Although these weight loss tips can help to lose weight, it can adversely affect one’s health with a stream of side-effects such as constipation, dehydration, free radical cell damage and even kidney disease. This diet causes the body to burn protein instead of carbohydrates for energy which leads the consumption of breads, pastas, starches, etc. to become fats causing one to gain weight.

Food Group Elimination Diets

All the diets that claim that one can lose weight by simply eliminating a particular food group like fruits, vegetables, starches, dairy, meals, etc. but in reality stopping eating these foods can deprive one’s body of essential nutrition. It has been found that all these food groups are necessary for the well-being of the body as well as to get maximum health and vitality.

So, when following such tips on how to lose weight, one should ensure that all the food groups are consumed in moderation rather than completely stopping to eat them.

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One-food Diets

Food group elimination diets tend to ask to stop eating one food group but worse than that are the one-food diets which ask to eat only one type of food to lose weight and take supplements. Even though this diet plan can help one to lose weight, it cannot fulfil the requirements of nutrients needed by the body. These diets are temporary so there is surely the chance that person who has lost weight using these plans will gain tremendous weight later.

Packaged Food Diets

Many of the well-known diet plans recommend to use certain pre-packaged calorie-restricted meals as part of their plans. These meals are often very expensive and provide temporary results. So, when a person goes back to their regular eating pattern, the weight loss achieved by this diet plan is diminished causing that person to gain weight again.

When people find that they are eating more than require leading to gain weight, they tend to start following a diet out of sheer desperation. Jessica Crandall says, “They feel so bad about what they’ve been eating that they want to make a drastic change”. It is an obvious fact that a person gains weight over a long time so how is it possible to follow weight loss tips and be able to lose weight within a short span of time.

Instead of following drastic changes in the diet, start reducing smaller
sized portions that will eventually help in losing weight with ease. Andrea Giancoli, a nutrition expert and nutrition policy consultant for the California Center for Public Health Advocacy says, “It comes in a package. Just as complex food preparation can be a diet’s downfall, so too can over-simplified preparation”. The diet plans that focus on pre-packaged foods lead one to forget the way in which to prepare healthy meals. Giancoli further adds, “You don’t know how to shop and cook for yourself. They don’t leave you with any tools to adopt a healthful lifestyle”.


When it comes to following weight loss tips, it is necessary to make sure that one doesn’t skip on any of the essential nutrients.


When it comes to losing weight, proper measures need to be taken instead of following some diet plan that asks to stop eating essential foods.